GEOL 402

Geology Senior Project

1- Course Objective

The course introduces, in details, one or more topics/techniques in the field of applied geology to students. By the end of the course, students are expected to gain knowledge about utilizing recent methods in the field of earth sciences. Teaching students how to write professional reports and present informative seminars is another objective of offering this course.

2- Project Guidelines

Select a recent topic

State project objectives and expected benefits

Review up to date literatures, instrument manuals and the Internet

Apply the technique and collect data

Analyze data and drive conclusions

Type well-written reports

Present and discuss results & conclusions

3- Grading System

1) Progress Report #1 & Presentation         15%

2) Progress Report #2 & Presentation         15%

3) Progress Report #3 & Presentation         15%

4) Field Trips and Project implementation    15%

5) Final Report                                           30%

6) Final Public Presentation                         10%