Theses and Senior Projects

Integrated Deterministic / Probabilistic Petroleum Volume Evaluation for a Carbonate Reservoir (M. Sc. Thesis by Sami H. Al-Shridi)

The impact of 3D seismic data on constraining the reservoir geological uncertainty (M. Sc. Thesis by Ahmed Al-Moosa, 2003)

Use of vibrator performance data to improve near surface velocity determination (M. Sc. Thesis by Mustafa N. Al-Ali, 2002)

Geologic and petrophysical modeling of the Arab-D reservoir, southeastern Uthmanyiah, Ghawar field, Eastern Saudi Arabia (M.Sc. Thesis by Sami O. Ibrahim, 2002)

Data integration in 3-D geostatistical porosity modeling of Hanifa reservoir in Berri field, Saudi Arabia (M.Sc. Thesis by Mohammad a. Al-Khalifa, 2001)

Reservoir heterogeneity and quality of the Khafji sandstone member, Zuluf field, Saudi Arabia (M. Sc. thesis Proposal by Fadhel Al-Khalifah)

Ground penetrating radar: GPR (Senior project by Raed Al-Nazer, 2001)

Simple flow simulation model of Umm Er Radhuma aquifer at KFUPM campus (Senior project by Mohammad H. Al-Utaibi, 1999)