Poster Second Place Award for the paper:

Al-Ghamdi A. M. and J. S. Watkins, (1996): Structural styles and depositional history of  North and South Padre Island OCS Areas, Offshore South Texas: Structural framework of the northern Gulf of Mexico: A special publication of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions, V. 46, pp.1-9.


Selected paper as best AAPG papers presented in San Diego Meeting in 1996:

 Al-Ghamdi A. M. and J. S. Watkins, (1996): Miocene Structural Features of North and South Padre Island and OCS areas, offshore South Texas. Society of Exploration Geophysicsts (SEG) International Exposition and 66th Annual Meeting, November 10 15, 1996, p.1919.


10-Years KFUPM Service Award in 1997


Distinguished Services 2003