King Fahd University of Petroleum &Minerals

Earth Sciences Department

Seismic Exploration II (032)



Review of Seismic Reflection


       Physical properties of rocks, Seismic velocities and densities, Elastic module, and types of waves.

       Seismic reflection, Reflection coefficients, synthetic seismograms, and Seismic wavelets.

       Seismic resolution.

       Seismic data acquisition: (2-D and 3-D seismic methodology, Multiples, Energy Sources, Detectors, Common-depth- point methods).

       Seismic data processing: velocity determination, Frequency and filtering, diffraction and migration.



Basin Architecture

       Earth model, and Plate Tectonics Concept.

       Isosticy & subsidence.

       Salt Tectonics.

       Basin Types.

Fore-arc basins

Back-arc basins

Foreland basins

Pull-apart basin


       Relationship between basin architecture and associated structures.

       Case histories (Seismic examples on basins).


Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy


       Causes of global changes in sea level.

       Subsidence and eustatic change of sea level.

       Sedimentary supply & processes.

       Depositional environments.

       Well log correlation.

       Seismic facies analysis (Clastics vs. Carbonate facies).

       Chrono-stratigraphy vs. Litho-stratigraphy

       System tracts.

       Clastics sequence stratigraphy.

       Carbonate sequence stratigraphy.

       Seismic response of the different structures.

       Case histories:

Arabian Gulf (Carbonate and salt)

Gulf of Mexico (Depositional environment of clastics and salt).


Two Field Trips:

       3-D Seismic Acquisition crew (around Haradh area, Ghawar Field)

       3-D Seismic Data Processing (Exploration Building at Saudi Aramco)




Major Exam I             (20%)

Major Exam II             (20%)

Final Exam                  (30%)

Term Paper & Trips   (10%)

Five Home works       (10%)

Five Quizzes               (05%)

Attendance                  (05%)





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And several papers as a handout.  


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