Home Work # 4&5 (04%)


Seismic Interpretation

Provided are nine 2-D seismic lines and a base map.

  1. Pick and tie all fault planes on the seismic sections.  Note that there is some faults are converged to a detachment surface.
  2. Create a time-structure map for the horizon (called KFUPM) starts at 1.15 sec (two way time) on the left side of the seismic line number 643.
  3. On the base map, show the KFUPM topography in two way time (Take the reading every 48 shot points and at the fault boundaries).
  4. Mark all fault heaves on the KFUPM time-structure map.
  5. If you are going to drill two oil wells at KFUPM horizon, where are you going to locate them? Discuss and defend your interpretation.


Ali Al-Ghamdi