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Associate Professor of Applied Signal Processing

Dean, Entrepreneurship Institute

Dr. Wail A. Mousa




Sponsored projects

1.      A. Al-Shuhail & W. Mousa, "A Prototype for Ultrasound Imaging of Geological Cores: Principles, Acquisition, Processing, and Interpretation", funded by KACST under the 2nd Cycle of the National Science, Technology & Innovation Plan (NSTIP) with an amount of about SAR 900,000.00, June 2010-June 2012

2.      W. Mousa, A. Al-Shuhail, T. Alkhalifah, "The KFUPM-KAUST Red Sea Model", accepted for funding by KAUST, Sept. 2012-Aug. 2014.


After my Ph.D.&  joining Schlumberger Dhahran Carbonate Research


1.      July 2006-March 2009: I have been involved in many internal and external Schlumberger research projects


Unsponsored projects before the Ph.D.

1.      Fall 2001: Lung Nodule Classification Utilizing Support Vector Machines (SVM). Basically, the objective of this project was to apply the SVM to classify nodules from non-nodules from chest digital x-ray images

2.      Fall 2000: Application of Circulant Matrices to Digital Image Restoration. This was my seminar in Mathematics. It encountered the definition of Circulant Matrices, their properties, and the inversion of a Circulant Matrix. An application to a synthetic digital image was included

3.      Spring 99: Applying Residue Theorem of Complex Variables to Find the Inverse Z-Transform for Non-Tabulated Systems. This application of the residue theorem gives an analytical solution for finding the inverse z-transform for systems that have a delay in the denominator of their transfer functions

4.      Spring 99: The design of an Audio Scrambling System: software simulation. The software was based on simulating a complete scrambling system using MATLAB software

5.      Spring 98: Developed a communication system program using MATLAB software to simulate Modulation / Demodulation processes for AM and FM, design of several types of filters used in communication systems, and some functions to show the usefulness of Fourier Series



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