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1.      Interviewed live by Saudi Arabian channel 1 to speak about KFUPM initiatives on entrepreneurship and business incubation, on 4 May 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW-57kHuXoI&feature=youtu.be

2.      Interviewed by Saudi Arabian Radio-channel 1, during February 2010. Broadcasted on Friday 31 December 2010.

3.      "He Has A Dream: And Saudi Research W. Mousa is not just Sleeping on it", Schlumberger InterChange Magazine, no. 39, Jan. 2009. This was an article that was written about me.

4.      "Why you are contributing to the Youth Forum in Paris", September 2008, a video interview on http://www.energiseyourfuture.com/videos.html

5.      W. Mousa, “The World Petroleum Council Youth Committee: Youth Contribution to the World”, Your Stories from Around the World, Schlumberger internal hub, 15 July 2008

6.      W. Mousa, “Youth Contribution to the World”, ARM connect Schlumberger Magazine, vol. 1, issue 3, September 2007




·         2007-present: Associate member of the SEG

·         2007-present: Member of the IEEE

·         2008-2010: Member of the Dhahran Geosciences Society (DGS)

·         1999-2006: Student member of the IEEE

·         2004-2006: Student member of SEG 

·         2005-2006: Student member of EAGE & EURASIP

·      2003-2005: Associative Member of the Saudi Society for Technology Development & Transfer (SSTDT)


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