Project Title : Physically Motivated Wideband Channel Characterization

In this project I am involved in more than one task. The PI of the project is Dr. Asrar Sheikh. The current task is related to building a hardware channel simulator with a team led by Dr. Wajih Abu Al-Saud and with Dr. Azzedine as a member.

Current Task: Building a Hardware Channel Emulator.

The objective is to implement a hardware channel simulator (emulator) using the statistical models developed in the project.  Hardware channel simulators (emulator) are advantageous for testing and performance analysis. They can also be used to test base-band transmitters and receivers on their performance. The emulator takes in the output signal from the transmitter and passes it through the desired channel model before feeding the receiver with its output signal.

Principle Parameters

Parameter value
Channels 2
Carrier Frequency (RF) ?
Dynamic Range  
Storage Capacity hard disk ....etc

Working Steps:

Important Notes:

Literature Survey and Research Classifications

[Esl06] and [Esl09] demonstrated the channel emulators built around frequency domain concepts are more computationally efficient than the widely used time domain FIR representation.

Some channel emulators were designed for MIMO systems as in [Esl06] & [Esl09].

[Bri01]  presented a complete hardware and software solution for channel emulation. The researchers developed and excellent graphical representation software to control the hardware.



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