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Wall Attenuation and Dispersion (Book Chapter Writing)

Through-Wall Imaging (Book)


Expected output:

The Chapter should be approximately 50 pages, double space, 12 point font. Average number of papers per contributor is approximately 17 pages.

Important Dates:

Due date (to Dr. Muqaibel): September 15th, 2009

Due date (to the editor): Draft to be completed and sent to me electronically by OCTOBER 15th, 2009


Outline of the Chapter

Authors:  A. H. Muqaibel, A. Safaai-Jazi, and M. Sunaidi

Item Author
  • Brief description of the historical view on through wall propagation, including a literature survey and a discussion of how promising the future of through wall imaging might be.
  • Introduction to Attenuation and Dispersion (Def)
  • Electric properties of various walls are discussed.  In particular, attention is focused on complex propagation constant, attenuation coefficient, phase constant, permittivity and permeability of wall materials, dielectric polarization loss, conductivity loss, loss tangent, etc.
  • The effects of temperature and humidity on electric properties of wall materials are also addressed.
  • Various types of walls, including homogeneous, inhomogeneous, and multi-layered walls, are examined.
  • Material parameters reported in the literature, propagation through common construction walls, such as glass, wood, plasterboard, etc., at different frequencies is discussed. Measured and simulated results are compared and the range of applicability of propagation models is addressed.

  • The influence of antenna radiation characteristics on through wall propagation is studied. In particular, the effects of antenna polarization and gain, and the incident angle on received signals are investigated.

  • Measurement techniques for extracting electric properties of wall materials are described and available results in the literature are presented.
  • Modeling of walls in the time and frequency domains, using transfer function and impulse response methods, is discussed. Existing parametric models for through wall propagation are reviewed. Deterministic (EM) models as well as statistical models are examined.
  •    To conclude the chapter, we propose some means to overcome the existing challenges and some of the new technologies such as ultra wideband (UWB) communications and how they can improve through wall imaging.