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The class students are expected to follow the following guidelines in order to excel in this course. Please read them very carefully and adhere to them:


         You should be in class on time. No latecomers are welcome because they disturb the class.

         You are required to attend all lectures.

         Half point will be taken for each absence. Two late attendances are considered as one absence.

         Official excuse for an absence should be communicated to me within a week.

         If the total number of unexcused absences is more than 20% (i.e., 6 classes) you will be given a DN grade and will not be allowed to continue in the course.



         You are encouraged to participate in the class discussions and activities.

         You are encouraged to ask any question, or ask me to clarify any part at any time.

         You should be alert to answer questions I raise in class.

         Participation in classroom can affect your final score by up to 3 points.


Class Material

         Some class resources are available on my homepage (link to courses).

         Additional resources are available on the WebCT site address http://webcourses.kfupm.edu.sa , You will be given an account to access this page and participate in the activities. More information will be announced in the course regarding this.

         You can also see some material on the EE Department share folders on the network.

         Any difficulties in accessing these resources can be communicated to me to resolve them. Your feedback on how useful these material is very much welcome.



         The homework problems listed in the syllabus will not be collected. However, the solutions will be posted in the places designated by the Coordinator. Also, may be available electronically in the network

         There will be 3-4 special homework assignments that need to be submitted as instructed and will be graded.

         You may see me for help, or discuss with your friends the HW problems. However, you cannot copy the work of others. You must write your own work without looking at anybody's work.

         Late assignments will NOT be accepted.

         All problems will be graded.

         Make sure to re-do all problems for which you have lost points, until you are 100% sure.

         Some of the HW problems will appear in exams.

         Many students think that reading the homework solutions is sufficient for understanding the material and preparing for the tests. This is a big mistake. Even though the solution looks trivial, you need to try and practice the problem fully before looking to its solution.



         There will be about eight (8) quizzes that are announced during the previous class period.

         Each quiz will be 10 to 15 minutes long at the beginning of the class.

         Quizzes will be based on the HW problems and the textbook exercises.

         Quizzes are closed book and closed notes, but open mind.

         No make-up for quizzes whether the absence is official or not.


Major Exams

         There will be two major exams whose dates as scheduled in the syllabus.

         The major exams will be held during the class period and in the same room.

         There will be No make up for the exams.

         Before each exam there will be a help session to review and solve extra problems.

         Each exam weighs 15% of the course grade.


Final Exam

         There will be a final exam whose date is as scheduled by the Registrar.

         It will be a comprehensive exam covering the whole course material.

         The weight of the final exam is 30% of the course grade.


Design Project

         You will be given a design project to carry out during the last 3 weeks of semester.

         The weight of the design project is 5% of the course grade.


Grade Distribution

The final grade for the course will be computed according to the following percentages:

         20% 5%Design project, 3%Homework, 12%Quizzes

         20% Laboratory [Prelab, Performance, Report and Lab. Final]

         15% Each major exam

         30% Final exam score

         -0.5% For each unofficial absence


Academic Dishonesty

         According to the university regulations, if any student is discovered for any instance of academic dishonesty, the instructor may give a failing (F) grade and report the case to the administration for further disciplinary actions.


You should expect from me:

         The utmost effort to explain and deliver the course material.

         The utmost effort to make the course very interesting and appealing.

         The availability for help, assistance, and cooperation as needed.

         Providing you with any additional material to the textbook, as needed.

         The solution of all problems required in the course or requested by you.

         Encouragement and motivation to ask me any question or give more clarifications.

         Feedback on your performance in the course so that you can make up for the shortcomings.

         Text Box: Courtesy Dr. O. Al-Suwailem
Fairness in treatment, grading, and evaluation.