EE 360 Sec 52 - Term 011


Lab Policy

Safety Issues

Marks Distribution

Lab Policy and General Notes:

1. The department's policy is that make-ups are not allowed.
2. Being late repeatedly will deduct marks.
3. The report should be in official format. That is, it must contain the following parts:
a. Cover page: indicating your name, ID, section number, date, experiment title and number.
b. Objective: indicating the goal of the experiment.
c. Summary: giving brief description of the work done.
d. Data and analysis: showing the readings taken during the experiment and the calculations of wanted quantities.
e. Q's & A's: this part should contain the answers to the questions found at the end of each experiment.
f. Conclusion: explain the findings of every experiment based on your data and calculations. If you suspect errors in your experiment indicate them here, explain the reason that made you think that these are errors and mention any possible sources of errors. (NOTE: this part should not contain a summary).
g. Signed data sheet: no experiment will be accepted if this part is missing or altered.
4. An additional bonus mark will be added to each fully computerized report.
5. Honesty is a very valuable moral. Any alteration in data or copying from other reports will be considered cheating.
6. No marks will be deducted for errors if a proper reason is mentioned.
7. There will be two tests: a quiz in the middle of the semester and a final. The final is composed of two parts:
a. An experimental part, in which the student is given an experiment sheet and asked to connect the circuit.
b. A paper-based quiz.

Safety Rules:

1. It must never be forgotten that this is an Electrical Power lab. Voltages and currents reach values that can endanger you. Therefore extreme precautions must be taken for the safety of you and your colleagues.
2. Each phase of experiment must be verified by your lab instructor and/or the lab technician.
3. Before working with the experiment you must make sure that everything is turned off and there are no loose live wires.
4. Between any two phases of the experiment you must make sure that all equipment is turned- off.
5. After finishing the experiment, all equipment must be disconnected and turned-off.
6. The above rules will be strictly enforced and any negligence will be taken into account.

Marks Distribution:

Description    Marks
   Lab reports 9
   Attendance and participation 1
   Quiz 3
   Final Quiz 4
   Experimental Final 3
   Sum 20
   Average 15


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