Error-Control Coding

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Coding: Pros and Cons

Types of Codes

The Distance

Example: (7,4) Block Code

Linear Block Codes

Hamming Codes

Encoding Hamming Codes

Decoding Hamming Codes:

Cyclic Codes

Encoding Cyclic Codes

(7,4) Code Generated by 1+X+X3

(7,4) Code Generated by 1+X+X3

Decoding Cyclic Codes

BCH Codes

Reed Solomon Codes

Convolutional Codes

Convolutional Code Example

State Diagram Representation

Trellis Diagram Representation


Viterbi Algorithm


Trellis Coded Modulation

General TCM Block Diagram

Space-Time Codes

A Space-Time Encoder

Turbo Codes

Turbo Encoder

Performance Simulations

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The Dilemma:
Block or Convolutional?