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Record 54 from Compendex for: (((Rahim) WN AU) AND ((A) WN All fields)), Journal article only, English only, 1971-2008
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54.On-line identification and control through series converter voltage of a unified power flow controller
Rahim, Abu H.M.A. (Department of Electrical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals); Al-Baiyat, Samir A. Source: Mediterranean Journal of Measurement and Control, v 2, n 3, 2006, p 113-118
ISSN: 1743-9310
Publisher: Softmotor Ltd.

Abstract: The dynamic performance of a power system can be improved by controlling the voltage magnitude and phase angle of the converter voltages in the unified power flow controller (UPFC). Self-tuning adaptive control of the voltage magnitude of the series converter for stabilization of a power system is presented in this paper. The plant parameters are identified through a regressive least square algorithm and the stabilizing control is derived through a pole-shifting technique using the adaptive plant model. The controller has been tested for ranges of operating conditions and for various disturbances. From a number of simulation studies on a single machine infinite bus power system it was observed that the adaptive algorithm converges very quickly and also provides robust damping profiles. Copyright © 2006 SoftMotor Ltd.
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Ei controlled terms:  Voltage control  -  Self tuning control systems  -  Identification (control systems)  -  Online systems  -  Power control  -  Flow control  -  System stability  -  Regression analysis  -  Least squares approximations  -  Computer simulation

Uncontrolled terms:  
Unified power flow controller  -  Series converter voltage  -  Pole-shifting technique  -  Damping enhancement

Classification Code:   
731.3 Specific Variables Control  -  731.1 Control Systems  -  722.4 Digital Computers and Systems  -  731.4 System Stability  -  922.2 Mathematical Statistics  -  921.6 Numerical Methods

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