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Record 5 from Inspec for: (((Al-Baiyat) WN AU) AND ((Rahim) WN AU)), Journal article only, English only, 2000-2008
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Accession number:8918197
Title:Design of a robust fixed-parameter SVC damping controller through graphical loop-shaping technique
Authors:Al-Baiyat, S.A.1 ; Rahim, A.H.M.A.1
Author affiliation:1 Dept. of Electr. Eng., K.F. Univ. of Pet. & Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Serial title:Advances in Modelling & Analysis C: Systems Analysis, Control & Design Simulation, CAD
Abbreviated serial title:Adv. Model. Anal. C, Syst. Anal. Control Des. Simul. CAD (France)
Publication date:2005
Document type:Journal article (JA)
Publisher:AMSE Press
Country of publication:France
Material Identity Number:H304-2006-001
Abstract:A novel robust damping controller for a static var compensator (SVC) has been designed using a simple graphical technique. In the robust design, the variations in operations from a nominal condition are modeled as multiplicative unstructured uncertainty. A loop-shaping technique is employed to solve the robust stability and performance constraints in H-∞ space graphically. The robust constant parameter controller designed has been tested for a range of operating conditions considering a number of disturbances on the system. It is observed that the robust controller provides extremely good damping for a good range of operation. The electrical transients as reflected in the system voltage variations are also extremely good
Number of references:16
Inspec controlled terms:control system synthesis  -  damping  -  H control  -  machine control  -  robust control  -  static VAr compensators
Uncontrolled terms:robust fixed-parameter SVC damping controller design  -  graphical loop-shaping technique  -  static var compensator  -  multiplicative unstructured uncertainty  -  robust stability  -  H-∞ space  -  robust constant parameter controller design
Inspec classification codes:B8390 Other power apparatus and electric machines  -  C3340H Control of electric power systems  -  C1310 Control system analysis and synthesis methods  -  C1320 Stability in control theory  -  C1330 Optimal control
Treatment:Practical (PRA); Theoretical or Mathematical (THR)
Discipline:Electrical/Electronic engineering (B); Computers/Control engineering (C)
Copyright 2006, The Institution of Engineering and Technology
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