Text Box: Title: Technical Computation and Visualization in MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists
ISBN: 978-1-4259-7738-2(sc)
Computation and Visualization are becoming the part and parcel of modern education, research, and scientific analysis. MATLAB, the world class leading technical software, has distinctive features such as concise programming provision, interactive facility, fully featured graphics environment, academic discipline based toolboxes, and many more. The software allows users to compute and visualize the mathematical and scientific problems in an easeful way – this discovery is conducted throughout the text. Comprehensive introduction and up-to-date coverage on a substantial number of contemporary technical problems made the text unique. The text features examples from easy-understandable to tough-implementable in a simplistic fashion but maintaining the motto “hand on experience on computation and visualization”. Modular example, made-easy approach, and implementational detail without clumsy mathematical intricacy make this book required reading.
1. Introduction to MATLAB, 2. Matrix Fundamentals, 3. Algebraic, Trigonometric, and Geometric Problems, 4. Matrix Algebra, 5. Problems on Differential Calculus, 6. Problems on Integral Calculus, 7. Ordinary Differential Equations, 8. Continuous and Discrete Transforms, 9. Problems on Statistics, 10. Miscellaneous Functions, 11. Problems on Optimizations, 12. Partial Differential Equations, 13. Graphing in MATLAB, and 14. Programming Issues.
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