Text Box: Title: Digital Image Fundamentals in MATLAB 
ISBN: 1-4208-6965-5(sc)
The book is mainly concerned with the fundamental Digital Image Processing (DIP) problems much found in the DIP textbooks. Emphasis has been given to the subjective implementation on the DIP problems while working in MATLAB. Starting from simplistic example without undue neglect of mathematical intricacies and making the reader able to tackle a practical DIP problem are the salient features of the text. However, the notable features of the text are as follows:
 A step by step guide for the Digital Image Processing undergraduate and graduate students while using MATLAB as their working platform 
  Introduces modular image examples so that the reader can grasp the concept quickly and manipulate the practical images very easily
 Image processing engineers, teachers, researchers, and scientists willing to work in MATLAB may benefit from the text
 Made-easy approach and clear presentation style comfort the average reader to go through the Digital Image Processing know-how immediately
  Minute implementational descriptions are taken care of considering adequate image examples
 Suited to individual or classroom practice
Introduction to MATLAB, Digital Image Fundamentals, Digital Images In Spatial Domain, Digital Image Transforms, Digital Image Filtering, Digital Image Properties and Edges, Image Degradation and Restoration, Morphological Image Processing, Miscellaneous Image Processing, and Programming Issues 
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