Text Box: Title: Modeling and Simulation in SIMULINK for Engineers and Scientists 
ISBN: 1-4184-9383-X(sc)
>> A guiding tool for the undergraduate and graduate students of science 
     and engineering while working in SIMULINK
>> Know-how aspects of SIMULINK are covered in a made-easy way 
>> Tabular block links at the end of each chapter help construct model
>> Over 300 classroom-modeling examples are simulated with clarity and
       systematic steps
>> Appropriate for individual or classroom exercise
Introduction to SIMULINK, Modeling Mathematical Functions and Waves, Modeling Ordinary Differential Equations, Modeling Difference Equations, Modeling Common Problems of Control Systems, Modeling Some Signal Processing Problems, Modeling Common Matrix Algebra Problems, Modeling Common Statistics and Conversion Problems, Fourier Analysis Problems, and Miscellaneous Modeling and Some Programming Issues
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