Text Box: Title: Modern Approach to Solving Electromagnetics in MATLAB
 ISBN-10: 1-4392-0857-3
ISBN-13: 978-1439208571
The text reveals inherent simplistic tools of MATLAB as how-to-implement approach for the topics which usually belong under the banner of basic electromagnetic theory. Coherent account of electromagnetic topics and their computer exercises have been essential for the study and research in the electrical sciences and applied physics  in this regard the text coverage is unparallel and immediately exercisable. MATLAB embedded functions are demonstrated to be congenial despite abstractness and higher dimensionality of electromagnetics. Equipped neoteric tools will benefit undergraduate and graduate students and research engineers in the field.
1. Introduction to MATLAB, 2. Field Vector Fundamentals, 3. Vector Calculus, 4. Electrostatic Fields, 5. Electrostatic Boundary Value Problems, 6. Magnetostatic Fields and Forces, 7. Transmission Lines, 8. Antenna Analysis, 9. Electromagnetics by PDE Toolbox, 10. Miscellaneous Topics, and 11. Mini Problems on Electromagnetics.
Appendices: A through H explaining electromagnetics related command statement and built-in functions embedded in MATLAB environment 
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