Text Box: Title: Signal and System Fundamentals in MATLAB and SIMULINK
 ISBN-10: 1-4196-9934-2
ISBN-13: 978-1419699344
The text is intended to serve as a basic reference for signal and system course taught in undergraduate curriculum of electrical engineering and stresses concept-to-implementation approach in a facilitating fashion. Presented neoteric tools of MATLAB and SIMULINK generate computer solutions so expediently that our PC or Laptop turns to a virtual electric system. Rather than leading the reader through mathematical intricacy, straightforward implementation of the course terms is demonstrated throughout the text by introducing objective statement. Wherever feasible the supplement presents computing as well as modeling means to working out in a variety of signal and system problems. Parallel treatment is drawn for the continuous and discrete systems to quote the executional difference between the two systems. For signal characteristic study either in elementary or advanced level and system response analysis, the text will prove beneficial to the next-generation electrical engineers or their connected learners. 
1. Introduction to MATLAB and SIMULINK, 2. Signal Sample Generation, 3. Signal Modeling, 4. Signal Operations, 5. Fourier Series and Transform, 6. Laplace Transform, 7. Z Transform, 8. System Implementation, 9. System Analysis, 10. Miscellaneous Signal Topics, and 11. Mini Problems on Computation/Simulation.
Appendices: A through H explaining signal and system related command statement, built-in function file syntax, and block brief to the context of MATLAB/SIMULINK. 
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