Text Box: Major Research Areas:
Electromagnetics: Planar Antenna Pattern and Null Steering in Two Dimensional Antenna Array
2D Signal or Image Processing: Digital Image Animation, Translational Overture Effect, and Image Thinning

Published and Presented Titles:
M. Nuruzzaman, "Skeletonizing A Handwritten Image Object", 2012.
M. Nuruzzaman, "Digitally Animated Overture using Skewing in Two Dimensions", 2011.
M. Nuruzzaman, "Translation Overture Effect Through Polar Equations in Two Dimensional Digital Animations", 2009.
 M. Dawoud and M. Nuruzzaman, "Multi-Null Steering Using Different Control Parameters in Rectangular Planar Arrays", 2002.
M. Nuruzzaman, "An Algorithm for Thinning The Binary Images", 2002.
M. M. Dawoud and M. Nuruzzaman, "Null Steering in Rectangular Planar Arrays by Amplitude Control Using Genetic Algorithms", 2000.
 Title details can be obtained by contacting at:
nzaman@kfupm.edu.sa or nzaman@ymail.com