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Writing Test 3 (Units 5 and 6)


Completion 1

Use the appropriate sequence words for the instructions on checking your absences online.

1.  log on to the computer.

2.  go to the D.C.C. homepage.

3.  click on "DCC Registration System".

4.  enter your username and password.

5.  click absences.


Completion 2

Write a question for the answers.

6.  You want to change your eating habits.

7.  You want to buy a new car.

8.  You want to return the clothes you bought.


Completion 3

Answer the following questions.

9.  What time do you return home from college every day?

10.  What books do you like to read?

11.  What is you favorite car?


Completion 4

Use Do or Does, as appropriate, to make questions.

12.  I love my English classes.


13.  He hates his math class.

14.  All students love their English classes.