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Writing Test Unit 1 Answers

Short Answer

Write the sentences again, Put in ‘and’, capital letters, commas and full-stops appropriately.  Add verbs or change verbs as appropriate.


i want to speak to ali mustafa faisal badr lutfi
I want to speak to Ali, Mustafa, Faisal, Badr and Lutfi.


my name saud al ghamdi.
My name is Saud Al-Ghamdi.


john are 21 years old
John is 21 years old.


he was born on 11th october in dammam
He was born on 11th October in Dammam.


my brother my cousin and i is students at kfupm
My brother, my cousin and I are students at K.F.U.P.M.


at home, i like playing football watching tv sleeping
At home, I like playing football, watching TV and sleeping.


always begin a sentence with a capital letter
Always begin a sentence with a capital letter.


the river thames runs through london to the north sea
the River Thames runs through London to the North Sea.


mr paul green in the elc
Mr. Paul Green is in the E.L.C.


yesterday, i went to see dr foster at the aramco hospital in dhahran
Yesterday, I went to see Dr. Foster at the ARAMCO hospital in Dhahran.