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Speaking Homework 2

Choose the best word to complete the statements.  (Do not add spaces.  All answers should be in lower case.)
Complete each sentence or statement.


A _________ is something you like to do in your spare time.



A musical play in which all of the words are sung is called an __________.



We sometimes go to the ___________ on the weekends to watch movies.



Professional basketball players play on a wooden __________.



It is too cold to play basketball outdoors in the winter so we play ________.



The tennis _______ is waist high.



The way to score a ________ is to hit the ball over the tennis net.



Our team had to ________ the final point to win the game.



The tennis player was going to _________ for match point.



Who was the ________ of last nights match?


The homework is past the due date you are not allowed to submit it.