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Reading Test 4 (Units 15, 16, 17 and 18)



A. Peak I. Migrate
B. Countless J. Decade
C. Motion K. Remote
D. Predict L. Agriculture
E. Geology M. Transport
F. Greenhouse N. Extract
G. Population O. Deep
H. Escape P. Scarce
1. Science dealing with the substance of the earth.
2. To go free.
3. To remove something.
4. The height from top to bottom.
5. To many to count.
6. The highest part of a mountain.
7. Away from people or civilization.
8. Something that is moving.
9. To tell the future.
10. A glass house where plants are grown.
11. Very little of something.
12. The amount of people in one area. 
13. To move from one place to another.
14. To move your family and your life from one place to another.
15. Dealing with farming and animals. 
16. Period of ten years.


Fill in the Blanks

enable communities sizes beautiful
unique planet complex extinct
function habitat lifespan disaster

The world we live in is a place.  Think of all the animals that exists on our .  They live in environments.  Some animals can not without certain parts of their habitat intact.  If one type of animal dies he becomes .  We as a people must animals to survive and not create a for their habitat.  We must our to protect the natural environment of animals of all , so they can have a long .