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Reading Test 3 (Units 7, 8 and 9)



A. Apply I. Search
B. Compulsory J. Prevent
C. Faculty K. Smoke
D. Heart L. Enter
E. Opportunity M. Gas
F. Regulation N. Explode
G. Wear O. Rare
H. Relax    
1. Opposite of exit.
2. To look for something.
3. Organ in your body.
4. You do this with clothes.
5. To rest.
6. To ask for.
7. Must be done.
8. People do this with cigarettes.
9. Sometimes happens if petrol catches fire.
10. Not common.
11. Someone who teaches at University.
12. Rule or law.
13. Stop from going ahead.
14. Chance.
15. Type of fuel.


Fill in the Blanks

club game goal goalkeeper
group healthy league popular
sports teams violent win

There are many ways to stay .  Many people play to achieve this .  Soccer is a non- .  The game is played on a large field between two .  Each team tries to .  The tries to prevent the ball from going in the goal.  The winning is the one who scores the most goals.  Soccer is the most sport in the world.  The best of teams or is located in Europe.  I encourage all students to be safe and have fun when they play soccer.