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Final CA Test 072


Select correct word that matches the definition.

A. Imagine E. Decide
B. Solution F. Select
C. Acronym G. Generate
D. Process H. Evaluate
1. Letters that make up a word that represents something else.
2. When you choose something after careful thinking.
3. To judge how good, useful, or successful something is.
4. Another word for make.
5. To think about something without seeing it.
6. A number of steps leading to an answer or a decision.
7. Another word for choose.
8. The answer to a problem.


Fill in the Blanks

Label the Parts of a Report

Conclusions Introduction Self 2 Process
Self 1 Progress Findings Recommendations


1. The writers and the purpose.
2. Your actions.
3. The facts.
4. Your opinions.
5. What the reader of the report should do now.


Match the way of learning new words with its definition and example.

Ways of Learning new words.