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Welcome Tariq Aziz
Weighted Mean is : 9.67
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CA263-21: your way in teching is vary good but you need to more related with the student
I am very hapy to teche me in this college because in my opinion you are the best teacher in this college I hope for you good luck in future Thank you Manea
CA263-21: I have expected to learn how to manege a network by unix. But the corse was about learing the how to write shells and small programes in unix. i hade the experince of installing unix and using it's GUI easily and wirting small scripts and using the vi. In general i think i have learned an new langue which is unix. you have made it soo easy accully you have made our life easy. I will go out of the subject but i really whant to tell this: THANK YOU SOO MUCH it has been pleasure to be a student of yours. i would like to give you hit how am i my name starts with T but its not Tariq. Thank you
CA263-21: Overall, the course is very interesting and Mr. Tariq made a good job to make it easy for us. However, sometimes we do not recieve the full amount of certain subjects which makes us not fully understand it. Maybe for the future the lecturer should approach students in different ways to make them understand the logic behind the subject and therefore make it easy for them to know what is going on. Even though I have a good time solving the homeworks and it improves my skills in discovering the answers, but sometimes I feel it's too much for the student to handle. But apart from these small comments, I really think that I'm satisfied with the outcome of this course and I had a pleasant with Mr. Tariq studying.
CA263-21: First of all, Its a nice course and We learn new things Second, T. Aziz is a perfect teacher Finaly, thank you
CA263-21: This course in genral was good course & new information about new system. I faced some defficalty in this course: 1. Lot of command with lot of choises. 2. The system (Unix) is not public so we cannot use it anywere except in the lab. I think we need to think if we can we apply his course in our work feild and how? Thank you for your help & cooperation.