Capstone Project - CA270   0-4-2

Final Semester Project - offered to all DCC-Students

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Course Description: (( Please consult the "Capstone Booklet" for more detail))

What this course is about

Under instructorís supervision, the student will work on a project designed to develop his interest in some application of computer technology to a real life problem. Student is expected to present the project and submit a written report at the end of the project.

Your Project is the culmination of your course work. It is your chance to show what you have learned about hardware, databases and software development as you undertake a significant programming task.

Course Structure and Format: The course is described as (0, 4, 2) in the DCC Degree bulletin, i.e. one (0) hour as lecture and four hours as an open lab weekly for the fifteen weeks in the semester.

Choosing a project:  This is your chance to do exactly what you want. Your project must involve a substantial coding effort, but beyond that there are (almost) no constraints. Some popular areas in the past have been Internet applications, productivity tools, games, and software for kids. Research-oriented projects are also a possibility.

The two most important characteristics of your project are that you have to be able to complete it by the end of the next fifteen weeks, and it should be something you can be passionate about for this period.

Doing a project: In a nutshell, here is what you will do in this course:

o       Form a team and then choose a project.

o       Get preliminary approval of your topic from department coordinator or your project advisor

o       Write a Project Proposal that convinces us of the merit of your project. Each team submits one report.

o       Prepare a written specification of what your program will do. Each team submits one report.

o       Prepare a written description of the design of your program. Each team submits one report.

o       Prepare a list of programming milestones that can be used to gauge your progress.

o       Implement, test, and debug your program

o       Demonstrate your program at an open day that we will be held at the end of the semester.

About Project Proposal:  Your first writing assignment this course involves a task that is commonplace in industry: convincing someone that a project idea is worthwhile. We want you to explain what you want to do, give us some background on the topic area, and argue persuasively that your idea will lead to a good Capstone Project.

Your proposal paper should be from three to five pages in length, double-spaced; with normal margins and fonts (papers that do not meet these guidelines will not be accepted). The structure is up to you, but here are some things that often go into such documents in industry.

Project Schedule:     Each student is expected to work 9-12 hours per week for the project. In 14 weeks, a total of about 150 hours of work is expected per semester. This number should be multiplied by the number of students in the team.

The following table is an example to help you arrange your schedule. Feel free to modify it to better suit your needs. But it is your duty to submit the your progress every week to your project advisor


Week of












































































Plan/ Scheduling






























Debug/ Test






























Status Meeting













































Capstone Project Report  (( Please consult the "Capstone Booklet" for more detail))

Report Objective:     The main objective of the Report is to prepare the student to write a professional and detailed report. This should demonstrate his ability to present specific information and to develop his overall communication skills. The essence of the Report is to describe the work a student has undertaken during his training, the techniques he has learned, the skills he has acquired, the contributions he has made to his work environment and the conclusions he has drawn from his experience.

Report Writing Format and Contents

Oral Presentation:

Presentations must be conducted in English and are scheduled to last for approximately 20 - 25 minutes, including questions and comments

The student is responsible to arrange the hard copy, soft copy of his project report and presentation slides to the project advisor.

Project Calendar:




Initial Proposal

End of  Week 2

Introduction of the project, Details of activities, objectives, etc, in studentís own words.

Project Plan &  Schedule and Proto Demo

End of  Week 4

Description & Schedule of the Project activities

Progress Report

End of  Every Week

Progress report of project  assignments and activities as per Project plan & Schedule

Draft Report

End of  Week 10

Consolidation of notes, memos, previous reports, collected data on training assignment into one preliminary document

Final Report

End of Week 12

Submit Final report incorporating all the necessary changes and corrections.

Presentation and Demo of final project

End of Week 13

Present knowledge and experience acquired.

Note: A detailed information in the form of "Capstone Booklet" has been provided to all students. The students are responsible for consulting that booklet regarding all course policies.


Rashid Khan

Project Coordinator

Computer Application Program