Level 1 Theme 7 Listening Test

 Mr Railton


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A.    Listen and select the word you hear - is it a noun or a verb?  (Only the base form is given.)



You hear: 1 My brother is a very fast driver.

You select:

    Verbs   Nouns
1 drive driver
2 sail sailor
3 invent invention
4 arrive arrival
5 travel traveller
6 celebrate celebration
7 congratulate congratulations
8 fly flight
9 transport transportation
10 present v present n
11 power v power n



B.   Choose a verb from the box to complete each sentence. Listen and check your answers.  (The first one has been done for you.)


1 Mandy could _____ a bicycle when she was three.                                                   

2 My uncle has _______________ all over the world.                                                 

3 The plane _______________ late because it was waiting for one of the passengers.  


4 What time does the plane _______________?                                                         


5 The train _______________ the station exactly on time.                                           


6 In 1903 the Wright brothersí first flight _______________.                                      



C.  Listen and write the sentences.


EXAMPLE     You hear: 1 The history of transport is very interesting.

You write:  



D.  Listen and write answers to the questions. You will need to remember the information from this theme.


EXAMPLE:    You hear: 1 What was the first method of transport?

You write:



E.  Listen and complete the table.


EXAMPLE:    You hear: 1 Can you believe the air conditioner is more than 100 years old? It was invented in 1902 by Willis Courier.

You write:


   What?    When?     Who?









F. Listen and choose the best answer.


EXAMPLE:    You hear: 1 Iím going to talk to you today about modern inventions. I mean, inventions since 1900 Ö

You choose:

1 What is the lecture about?



2 What exactly is the lecturer going to talk about?



3 What is he going to talk about first?



4 What is he going to talk about next?



5 What will the lecturer explain at the end?




G.  What will the lecturer talk about in his next session? Listen and tick one or more points.


EXAMPLE:  You hear:  In our next session, Iím going to look at the mobile phone in more detail. This is because itís a very good example of how technology has changed the way we live.

You tick:

1 the mobile phone

2 how computers have changed our lives

3 the first mobile phone call

4 the year when everyone could buy a mobile phone

5 the world before the mobile phone

6 the appearance of early mobile phones

7 the latest micro-technology in communications

8 the cost of the first mobile phones

9 what mobile phones will be able to do in the future

10 the cost of mobile phone calls

11 the meaning of Ďcellí phone


This is the end of the test. Check your answers carefully before you press the 'Submit' button.