Informal/Short Report Topics


Information Report: Describing Your Job

            Write an information report describing your employment to your instructor. As an introduction describe the company and its products or services, its ownership, and its location.  As the main part of the report, describe your position, including its tasks and the skills required to perform these tasks.  Summarize by describing the experience you gained.


Information Report: Learning About An Occupation

            Gather information about a career or position in which you might be interested. Learn about the nature of the job.  Discover whether certification, a license, or experience is required. Use a search engine such as Google.  Write an information report that characterizes the working conditions in your target career area. Describe typical entry-level salaries and the potential for advancement. Investigate company’s history, products and /or services, size, earnings, reputation, and number of employees. Describe the functions of an employee working in the position you have investigated.  Conclusion that you could draw relates to success in this career area.


Justification/Recommendation Report: Purchasing New Equipment

            Write a justification report to identify equipment that needs to be purchased or replaced (computer, printer, modem, copier, digital camera, server, etc.). Establish a context by describing the need for the equipment. Discuss the present situation, emphasizing the current deficiencies. Describe the advantages of acquiring the new equipment.


Recommendation Report: Renovating KFUPM Beach

            Write a recommendation report to the Rector about your ideas to renovate KFUPM Beach.  Discuss the present situation and state in which the beach is in.  Include what type of facilities you recommend, the advantages it will be bring to the community both for singles and families.


Progress Report: Making Headway Toward Your Degree

            You made an agreement with your parents that you would submit a progress report at this time describing headway toward your educational goal.  Write a progress report that fulfills your promise to describe your progress toward your educational goal. Address your progress report to your parents. In your report, 1) Describe your goal, 2) summarize the work you have completed thus far, 3) discuss thoroughly the work currently in progress, including your successes and anticipated obstacles and 4) forecast your future activities in relation to your scheduled completion date.


Feasibility Report: Feasibility of Implementing a Smart Card System for University

           The University you are currently studying in is considering implementing a smart card system throughout the school.  You are to consider the practicality and advisability of following a course of action.  You are to consider the background, benefits, problems, personnel, costs and time frame involved in implementing the system. You are to focus on the decision, whether stopping or proceeding with the system.