Page Properties

Change various page properties by selecting File|Properties from the menu bar. The Page Properties window will allow you to change many general properties, the page background, margins, and more.

[Page Properties window]

  • General - Under the General tab, one property that needs to be changed is the Title. This is the text that will appear across the top of the screen above the browser's menu bar when the page is viewed on the web. Background sounds are not recommended and design-time control scripting options do not need to be changed.

[Page Properties window]

  • Background -

    Check the Background picture box and select an image by clicking the Browse... button to add a repeating graphic to the background of the page.

    Enable hyperlink rollover effects adds a Cascading Style Sheet to the page that causes the appearance of text links to change when the mouse is placed over them. These effects are not visible in Netscape version 4 and lower.

    Set the Background color and a default Text color if it is not black.

    Hyperlink colors can be changed as well. The color set for Hyperlink will be the color of the text of a link that has not been viewed yet by the web site user. Visited hyperlink is the color the link will turn after the page has been visited. Active hyperlink is the color of the link as it is being pressed. This color is usually barely seen as the user quickly clicks the link. The default colors that web users are used to are blue for normal and purple for visited. Refrain from swapping these colors so users will not be confused!

  • Margins - Set the top and left margin width by pixels if necessary. It is not necessary to alter any of the properties on the remaining tabs.


Themes can quickly add color, graphics, and a common layout to your web pages.

  • Open a web page and select Format|Theme from the menu bar or right-click on the page and select Theme... from the shortcut menu.
    [Themes dialog box]
  • Under Apply Theme to, select All pages to add the theme to all pages in your web or Selected page(s) to only apply the theme to activated pages.
  • Scroll through the theme selections and highlight the theme names to preview the theme in the Sample of Theme window. Click the check boxes to change the theme as well.
    • Vivid Colors enhances the colors of the theme.
    • Active Graphics will convert navigation buttons to Java applets that change when the mouse hovers over them.
    • Background picture including a repeating background image to the page. Uncheck the box for a plain color background.
    • Apply Using CSS will add the properties to a style sheet.
  • Click OK when you have chosen the theme

Removing a Theme

To remove a theme from a page after it has been applied, select Format|Theme from the menu bar and select the first "(no theme)" option from the themes list. Click OK.