Baseline Quiz

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  1. The opposite of below is ______.
    a. about
    b. above
    c. across
    d. actual

  2. If you break your phone, buy _______ one.
    a. already
    b. although
    c. another
    d. anything

  3. The opposite of after is ______.
    a. before
    b. behind
    c. between
    d. bought

  4. If you _____ your mobile phone, buy another one.
    a. break
    b. bring
    c. build
    d. bought

  5. One hundred years is a ________.
    a. carry
    b. century
    c. chair
    d. certain

  6. ARAMCO is a big _______.
    a. clear
    b. company
    c. computer
    d. country

  7. When you are sick it is good to see a ______.
    a. danger
    b. different
    c. difficult
    d. doctor

  8. The opposite of up is ____.
    a. draw
    b. drunk
    c. down
    d. drive

  9. The opposite of late is _____.
    a. each
    b. early
    c. east
    d. easy

  10. An __________ is like a big test.
    a. engineer
    b. enough
    c. everyone
    d. examination

  11. The opposite of start is ______.
    a. family
    b. farm
    c. find
    d. finish

  12. The opposite of back is _____.
    a. future
    b. forgotten
    c. front
    d. follow

  13. The opposite of bad is ____.
    a. ground
    b. get
    c. garden
    d. good

  14. ________ means very good.
    a. group
    b. girl
    c. great
    d. grow

  15. Three is ____ of six.
    a. half
    b. hand
    c. have
    d. head

  16. The doctor lives in his _____.
    a. history
    b. hold
    c. hospital
    d. house

  17. The opposite of out is ___.
    a. idea
    b. if
    c. important
    d. in

  18. The opposite of decrease is _______.
    a. into
    b. increase
    c. is
    d. it

  19. The most important man in Saudi Arabia is the ____.
    a. keep
    b. kind
    c. king
    d. know

  20. English is an important ________ of business and education.
    a. language
    b. last
    c. large
    d. late
  21. The opposite of right is _____.
    a. learn
    b. leave
    c. less
    d. left
  22. The opposite of more is ____.
    a. lie
    b. less
    c. let
    d. letter

  23. The opposite of dark is _____.
    a. light
    b. life
    c. line
    d. listen

  24. The opposite of high is ___.
    a. low
    b. live
    c. long
    d. love

  25. Petroleum is used to _____ petrol.
    a. machine
    b. market
    c. make
    d. material

  26. There are sixty seconds in one ______.
    a. matter
    b. measure
    c. might
    d. minute

  27. There are twelve _______ in one year.
    a. months
    b. modern
    c. morning
    d. mountain

  28. The opposite of everything is _______.
    a. nothing
    b. necessary
    c. noun
    d. never

  29. The opposite of on is ___.
    a. of
    b. off
    c. often
    d. oil

  30. The opposite of inside is _______.
    a. order
    b. only
    c. other
    d. outside

  31. The opposite of fail is ____.
    a. paper
    b. peace
    c. pass
    d. perhaps

  32. KFUPM students must finish the prep year _________.
    a. picture
    b. please
    c. possible
    d. programme

  33. This quiz has fifty _________.
    a. quite
    b. quit
    c. questions
    d. quantum

  34. Islam is the ________ of Saudi Arabia.
    a. radio
    b. ready
    c. reason
    d. religion

  35. If you are absent for more than thirty classes, the _____ is that you cannot pass ENG001.
    a. return
    b. road
    c. room
    d. rule

  36. _______ is important so we can learn.
    a. school
    b. same
    c. sentence
    d. seventh

  37. I ___ interesting things in Bahrain.
    a. see
    b. saw
    c. seen
    d. sew

  38. You ______ do homework if you want to learn.
    a. should
    b. since
    c. situation
    d. something

  39. A good _______ will listen to his teacher.
    a. student
    b. subject
    c. succeed
    d. system

  40. This ____ is easy, because there are words you should know.
    a. table
    b. telephone
    c. test
    d. think
  41. I take the _____ from Dammam to Al Hasa.
    a. think
    b. toward
    c. train
    d. try
  42. KFUPM is a ________.
    a. university
    b. under
    c. us
    d. usual
  43. The quality of English courses can ____ very much.
    a. verb
    b. vary
    c. voice
    d. very
  44. If the computer is slow you must _____.
    a. wall
    b. wait
    c. want
    d. wash
  45. There are seven days in a ____.
    a. watch
    b. water
    c. way
    d. week
  46. The opposite of black is _____.
    a. well
    b. west
    c. where
    d. white
  47. Most people have to ____ if they want money.
    a. wife
    b. window
    c. work
    d. would
  48. There are 365 days in a _____.
    a. year
    b. yet
    c. young
    d. you
  49. First, second, third, fourth, _______.
    a. five
    b. fifth
    c. fifteen
    d. fifty
  50. February, March, ______, May.
    a. January
    b. September
    c. April
    d. November