COE 540 - Fall 2006

Computer Networks


Uthman A. Baroudi

Building 22, Room 144, Phone: 4283

Office Hours: SSMW: 11 - 12 noon or by appointment


Course Description

Computer Networks is a graduate level course that has the goal of teaching students current and important results from networking research. The course assumes you have taken an undergraduate introduction to TCP/IP networking. The course will then address two fundamental areas of computer networking: performance, and protocols & algorithms. Within those broad categories, we will discuss a cross section of topics that are of interest to networking researchers including topics such as peer-to-peer networking, queuing theory, routing, quality of service. You will be reading a number of classic and current papers on these subjects; my lectures, the text, and supporting materials will help provide the background and overview of the topics covered by these papers. This course will provide you with the opportunity to develop skills necessary to conduct academic research in the field of computer networks.



Introduction   Data Link Layer   Delay Models in Data Network 

Network Layer   Transport Layer

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