King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

College of Computer Sciences and Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering


COE 485: Senior Design Project


Attendance: Attendance is required by all students. Official and authorized absence excuse must be presented to the instructor no later than one week following the absence.



Attendance 5%

Biweekly Presentation (Starting week 4)  10%

Progress Report and Demos (Wk 7) 10%

Final Presentation (Wk 14&15) 30%

Final Report and Product (Wk 15) 45%

Notes: Marking is based on percentage of completion and correctness of outcomes.


General Remarks:

1.      Though we have one class per week, office hours and appointments should be used by students to obtain all necessary information and guidance towards meeting project deadlines.

2.      Email is the main form of communication outside the classroom. You are expected to read your email as often as required by the project progress.

3.      The Internet (companies’ websites, newsgroups, forums, etc.) and the KFUPM library are your main source for information regarding the proposed projects. Bookstores are also a good source for books unavailable at KFUPM.

4.      Projects are student-driven; the instructor will provide description of the final outcome and set guidelines for the development process. The student is responsible for carrying out the intended tasks. The projects require excellent programming skills in addition to self motivation and persistence.

5.      Work will be carried by teams (3 or 4 students per team) – all members of a team should contribute equally to the project.

6.      Although cooperation amongst all students is encouraged, teams must work independently. Deliverables (designs, background material, code, report, etc.) submitted by different teams that are similar will receive an F grade.

7.      In connection with the progress, final reports and presentations, it is prohibited to copy or past text, figures, diagrams, or plots from other sources (books, articles, etc.) without referencing the original source. If you absolutely need to refer to figures, diagrams, or plots that appear in other sources, then you should include clear reference to their authors in the caption. An ‘F’ grade will be given to the student if this rule is not observed.


Policies Affecting the Grades:

1.      Project Implementation

§  Engineering approach: System design, critical examination of different approaches and justification for the selected approach(s). The utilization of basic engineering science in the design.

§  Completion of the design.

§  Design verification and testing: Simulations, modeling, emulation, prototyping (when appropriate) and testing.

2.      Work Habits

§  Motivation

§  Organization

§  Self-reliance

§  Planning

§  Critical thinking

3.      Project Documentation and Final Report (Week 15)

§  Compliance with the report writing guidelines

§  Clarity of the problem description and proposed solution

§  System design, approach selection and design segmentation

§  Implementation/Testing report and any product manuals’ if the project requires it

4.      Final Presentation (Week 14, 15)

§  Clarity of stated problem and solution

§  Quality of presentation (organization, body language …etc)

§  Discussion (how the student answers the questions which demonstrate his understanding of the project and its socio-economical aspects)