Projects 081

Description: The students are required to learn MATLab  and LABVIEW by the assistance of an RA and then they will have to do certain experiments using these two softwares

 No  of  students:2

Description: The students are required to build an application for a user for mobile users to make a fast booking on their phones. Moreover, the user should have a default setup to act on his behave if there is more than on choice.

No. of students: 2

Description: The students will learn how to create a multi-hop ad hoc network and then will start testing the performance of video streaming over ad hoc network.

No of students: 2

Description: The students will learn how to use RFID and sensor networks and then they will be required to apply that into a smart shopping cart that displaying the current price of the cart and lead the customer to the desired product the he requires.

No of students: 3


a.       Environmental applications

b.      Security and rescue applications

c.       Structural health applications


A senor network is composed of many tiny sensors of limited capabilities (i.e. power, transmission range) as shown below.



We shall use TelosB motes (sensors) for this purpose. They are small and tiny devices that can sense, process and receive/transmit. Because of this limitation in communication range, sensors have to cooperate and relay each other information. For example, to monitor the temperature over a wide area, we need many of these sensors. Each sensor will monitor the temperature in his surrounding and then transmit it to its neighbor(s) and so on until it reaches the final destination (e.g. control center or Sink).

 This project need two or three good programmers to program these motes such that they will be able to:

  1. Collect required data
  2. Process/filter the collected data
  3. Communicate with the Sink via neighboring sensors. Here we need to implement a routing protocol. You can start with simple one and then we can process to more efficient routing protocols.