May 15, 2005



*Open day starts 9 am.

*Every group is supposed to present their senior design project, make it very simple and informative (lots of pictures).

*Please show up before 11 am, as demonstrations and presentations will be held @ 11-12 am, check out the table below.

*Please do your best to present the COE department as it should be!



Sun (15 May)

9 10 AM

Shazli, Salman, Raad

10 11 AM

Mudawar, Salman, Raad

11 12 AM

Baroudi, Salman, Raad

SDP presentation by students of Drs Ashraf and Sheltami.

12 1 PM

Gutub, Salman, Raad

Panel Discussion by Drs. Ibrahim, Ashraf, El-Rabaa, Bouhraoua, Selmi

1 2 PM

Elrabaa, Amin, Marwan

2 3 PM

Kamal, Sqalli, Kharobi

3 4 PM

Nizar, Masud, Aiman,



See you all their guys!