COE485 Senior Project Design 042


Instructor: Dr. Tarek Sheltami

Time/Place: Saturday 12:00-1250

Room = 24-151


Topics: Projects to be considered are:


1.      Implementation of WEAC Infrastructure Ad hoc Network Protocol 


A real time implementation of one of the mobile infrastructures applied in wireless mobile ad hoc networks. We will use laptops, desktops, PDAs and/or any other wireless equipments available that can run JVM. A text messaging program with voice chatting enabled will be built on top of the achieve work.

Students are required to have exceptional programming skills in Java and/or C++, GUI and a good understanding of Ad hoc Networks.


2.      Inter-working between GSM and Ad hoc Networks


To enhance the coverage of the GSM, Ad hoc network can act as an extension of the exciting GSM cellular system. This is mostly a research project to investigate methods of inter-working between the two networks, evaluate them and enhance them.

Students are expected to have good programming skills in Java or C++, GUI and a good understanding of Ad hoc and GSM networks.


3.      Mobile Patient


The objectives of this project are to facilitate the use of both wireless sensor network and wireless mobile ad hoc network (MANET) in health applications. Three special applications are addressed for tracking and monitoring doctors and patients inside or outside the hospital:

Power aware routing protocols should be addressed and security issues in both MANET and SNET.

Students will be given documents to learn about Sensor networks in the first week, and then they will start working in the project afterward. Good programming skills in Java or C++ are required.


This is really a good opportunity for students to exploit and integrate their understanding of wireless communications and client-server programming.