The 1st International Workshop on Applications of Ad hoc and Sensor Networks (AASNET’08)

GinoWan, Okinawa, Japan

Advanced Program

March 25, 2007 (Tuesday)

Location: The Okinawa Convention Center, Room # 5



Session 1:  Artificial intelligence applications in ad hoc and sensor networks

(9:30 - 11:00)

Chair: TBA

AASNET23   Wireless Sensor Network for Cultural Property Protection       

        Jongwoo Sung

AASNET28   New Computational Intelligence Paradigm for Estimating the Software Project Effort

Emad El-Sebakhy

AASNET24   DGS: Driving Guidance System based on Wireless Sensor Network 

Seong-eun Yoo, Poh Kit Chong, Taisoo Park, Taehong Kim and Daeyoung Kim


Session 2: Energy-aware routing and scheduling protocols

(11:30 - 13:00)

Chair: TBA


AASNET27   A Communication-Efficient Distributed Clustering Algorithm for Sensor Networks    

        Amirhosein Taherkordi, Frank Eliassen and Reza Mohammadi

AASNET18   SPM: A Security Policy Based on Micropayment in Ad hoc Networks

        Yi Wang, Furong Wang, Chunming Rong, Sufang Wang

AASNET21   Energy Optimization for Data Flow in Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Using Cooperative Communication

        Haiyang Hu

AASNET14   Scheduling in Grid Databases

        Rogério Luís  de Carvalho Costa, Pedro Furtado


Session 3: Intrusion detection systems and experimental applications in ad hoc and sensor networks

(14:30 - 16:00)

Chair: TBA


AASNET16   Performance Analysis of Dynamic Group Communication Systems with Intrusion Detection Integrated with Batch Rekeying in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

        Jin-Hee Cho, Ing-Ray Chen, Phu-Gui Feng

AASNET17   Efficient Hierarchical Key Management Scheme for Access Control in the Mobile Agent

        Yu Fang Chung, Tzer Shyong Chen, Chia Hui Liu

AASNET12   Building user confidence in RFID technology for mobile and retail environments

        Himanshu Pagey and Devendra Salvi

AASNET13   Experiments on Building Ubiquitous Robotic Space for Mobile Robot Using Wireless Sensor Networks

        Taehong Kim

AASNET30  An Experimental Network Proxy for Power Managed End Nodes

        Paul Francis Werstein


Session 4: Mobility tracking and localization algorithms

(16:30 - 18:30)

Chair: TBA


AASNET19   Hardware Reconfiguration Capability for Third Generation Sensor Nodes: Design and Challenges

        Ali  M. El Kateeb

AASNET20   Wireless Sensor Network for Localized Maritime Monitoring

        Pedro Barbosa

AASNET11   Location Information Look-Up for Intelligent Handover Decision

        Soohong Park

AASNET15   Business-Based SMS Mobile Search

        Benting w. Wan