COE 350
Cooperative Program

Eligibility and Prerequisites

COE students who have completed 90 credit-hours or more of study and earned a major grade-point average (MGPA) of 2.0 or above can be nominated for coop training provided that they have taken and passed the following courses:

  1. ENGL 214,

  2. ICS 334 or ICS 413,

  3. COE 305,

  4. COE 390, and

  5. COE 442.

Rules & Regulations

for full description, needed forms and appendixes see the COE COOP student guide

  • Cooperative work must be completed before the student`s last semester in the University. It is the responsibility of the student alone with the help of his academic advisor to make sure that these prerequisite courses have been completed and passed at least two semesters prior to their graduation.

  • Students who have been nominated and have been provided with training slots must take their coop training as scheduled.

Coop Period & Semesters:

The Coop duration is 28 weeks (that is a semester and a summer). Two scenarios are possible:

  • Group A: COOP period ( 1-Spring + 1-Summer)

  • Group B: COOP period ( 1- Summer + 1-Fall)


Eligible students should register as follows:

  • Group A: COE 351 + COE 352 ( 1-Spring + 1-Summer)

  • Group B: COE 350 + COE 351 ( 1- Summer + 1-Fall)

Coop training registration usually starts in the second week of the semester and continues for six weeks. The exact dates will be announced by the registrar and the coop coordinator.

Coop Program:

  • Every student must have a coop training program within the first two weeks of his enrollment with the company. It should be signed by the company coop supervisor.

  • A copy of the program should be submitted to the coop coordinator before the end of the fourth week of student enrollment with the company.

  • Programs could be handed in, mailed or e-mailed to the coop coordinator.


  • The coop student will identify a coop advisor from the COE Dept. faculty members before the end of the fifth week for group A and before the end of the tenth for group B. For this purpose, every student must complete Form A1, get it signed by the advisor and submit it to the coop coordinator.

  • It is advisable to have the advisor selected as early as possible to help the student finalize his coop program.

  • Every coop student should discuss the progress of his coop program with his coop advisor and maintain continuous proper contact with him.

  • In addition to the coop advisor, each student will be assigned an examining committee of COE faculty which will independently evaluate his performance.

Student Performance Evaluation:

Coop students performance will be evaluated through the following:

  1. Company evaluation. Every student will be evaluated during his coop period by his supervisors. This evaluation will be forwarded to the coop coordinator through the University Coop office.

  2. Progress reports:

  • Each student must submit three progress reports to both the coop coordinator and the advisor. These reports are due by the sixth (tenth for Grp. B), twelfth (sixteenth for Grp. B) and eighteenth (twenty Second for Grp. B) weeks of the training period respectively. The reports should follow the format described in Appendix 4 in the student guide.

  • Progress reports should not exceed 5 pages and should be signed by the company supervisor and stamped by company official stamp.

  • Progress reports will be evaluated both by the student coop advisor and the coop coordinator.

  1. Final report:

  • Each student must submit a final report to his coop advisor. Two other copies of he report should be submitted to the coop coordinator. The report format should follow the guidelines described in Appendix 2 in the student guide. Students should consult their coop advisors regarding the contents of the report.

  • The final report MUST BE SUBMITTED before the end of the sixth week of the semester immediately following the coop-training period.

  • The final coop report must be bound and the cover page must carry a serial number. The serial number has the format: COE-CR-xxx-yyy  Where,
    = The semester when the report is submitted, e.g. 981
    = A serial number to be assigned to each student by the coop coordinator

  1. Summary report:

  •  Each student will be assigned an examining committee of COE faculty.

  •  Before the end of the seventh week of the semester immediately following the coop-training period, each student must submit to the coop coordinator five copies of a summary report (format given in Appendix 3).

  1. Presentation (Guidelines & Format given in Appendix 5):

  • Every student must give a 20-minute presentation on his coop training to the examining committee.

  • Presentations will be held during the eighth week of the semester.


The coop training final grade will be determined as follows:

  • Company evaluation 25 %

  • Progress reports 15 %

  • Final report 30 %

  • Summary report 15 %

  • Presentation 15 %

Students who do not complete their reports and/or conduct their presentations in the subsequent semester as scheduled, will automatically receive an F grade (See Undergraduate Bulletin).

Letter Grades:

Score Letter Grade Points Interpretation

  • 95 100 A+ 4.00 Exceptional

  • 90  95 3.75 Excellent

  • 85  90 B+ 3.50 Superior

  • 80  85 3.00 Very Good

  • 75  80 C+ 2.50 Above Average

  • 70  75 2.00 Good

  • 65  70 D+ 1.50 High Pass

  • 60  65 1.00 Pass

  •  0  60 F  0.00 Fail

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