COE 444 - Internetwork Design and Management

- Usefull Links -

The CAIDA Web Site: Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis

H239 Telecommunication Systems: Network design project (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

CREN's Virtual Seminars on Networking and Information Technology Topics.

"Algorithms and Models for Network Analysis and Design" by R. G. Addie, November 4, 2002

"Internetwork Planning and Design" by Markus A. Boeing, January 1998
This is a good reference for designing a network. It includes a section on "Best Practices" and some useful links in the section on "Support Material".

Technology Information (Cisco Systems)
A list of useful Cisco documents, including internetwork design guide and technology handbook.

Telecommunications Marketplace (

InterOperability Lab - University of New Hampshire

RFC Web Site

Winning proposals , RFP and Evaluator's analysis at

Saudi Telecom Company