Micro Assembler IDE - MicroAsm

MicroAsm is Integrated Development Environment for assembly programming. It includes advanced source editor and 8086 assembler. MicroAsm has a much easier syntax than any of the major assemblers, but will still generate a program that can be executed on any computer that runs 8086 machine code; a great combination for beginners!

MicroAsm is a Windows based application so you can enjoy user-friendly Windows environment.

Where to start?

  1. Start MicroAsm by selecting its icon from the start menu or its icon from the desktop.

  2. Select "Samples" from "File" menu and load "Hello World !" sample.

  3. Click [Compile] button (or press F5 hot key).

  4. Save hello.com file.

  5. Click [Action] button and select [Command Prompt] item from the menu.

  6. Type hello to run the executable.

  7. Try opening other samples, all samples are heavily commented, so it's a great learning tool.

  8. This is the right time to see the tutorials.