Source Code Editor

Using the Mouse

Editor supports the following mouse actions:

Mouse Action Result
L-Button click over text Changes the caret position
R-Button click Displays the right click menu
L-Button down over selection, and drag Moves text
Ctrl + L-Button down over selection, and drag Copies text
L-Button click over left margin Selects line
L-Button click over left margin, and drag Selects multiple lines
Alt + L-Button down, and drag Select columns of text
L-Button double click over text Select word under cursor
Spin IntelliMouse mouse wheel Scroll the window vertically
Single click IntelliMouse mouse wheel Select the word under the cursor
Double click IntelliMouse mouse wheel Select the line under the cursor
Click and drag splitter bar Split the window into multiple views or adjust the current splitter position
Double click splitter bar Split the window in half into multiple views or unsplit the window if already split

Editor Hot Keys:

Command                 Keystroke
Toggle Bookmark         Control + F2
Next Bookmark           F2
Prev Bookmark           Shift + F2

Copy                    Control + C, Control + Insert
Cut                     Control + X, Shift + Delete, Control + Alt + W
Cut Line                Control + Y
Cut Sentence            Control + Alt + K
Paste                   Control + V, Shift + Insert

Undo                    Control + Z, Alt + Backspace

Document End            Control + End
Document End Extend     Control + Shift + End
Document Start          Control + Home
Document Start Extend   Control + Shift + Home

Find                    Control + F, Alt + F3
Find Next               F3
Find Next Word          Control + F3
Find Prev               Shift + F3
Find Prev Word          Control + Shift + F3
Find and Replace        Control + H, Control + Alt + F3
Go To Line              Control + G
Go To Match Brace       Control + ]

Select All              Control + A
Select Line             Control + Alt + F8
Select Swap Anchor      Control + Shift + X

Insert New Line Above   Control + Shift + N

Indent Selection        Tab
Outdent Selection       Shift + Tab

Tabify Selection        Control + Shift + T
Untabify Selection      Control + Shift + Space

Lowercase Selection     Control + L
Uppercase Selection     Control + U, Control + Shift + U

Left Word               Control + Left
Right Word              Control + Right
Left Sentence           Control + Alt + Left
Right Sentence          Control + Alt + Right

Toggle Overtype         Insert
Display Whitespace      Control + Alt + T

Scroll Window Up        Control + Down
Scroll Window Down      Control + Up
Scroll Window Left      Control + PageUp
Scroll Window Right     Control + PageDown

Delete Word To End      Control + Delete
Delete Word To Start    Control + Backspace

Extend Char Left        Shift + Left
Extend Char Right       Shift + Right
Extend Left Word        Control + Shift + Left
Extend Right Word       Control + Shift + Right
Extend to Line Start    Shift + Home
Extend to Line End      Shift + End
Extend Line Up          Shift + Up
Extend Line Down        Shift + Down
Extend Page Up          Shift + PgUp
Extend Page Down        Shift + Next

Record Macro            Control + Shift + R
Set Repeat Count        Control + R

Regular Expression Syntax Rules for Search and Replace

        ? (for any character),
        + (for one or more ot something),
        * (for zero or more of something).

Sets of characters:
        Characters enclosed in square brackets
        will be treated as an option set.

        Character ranges may be specified
        with a - (e.g. [a-c]).

Logical OR:
        Subexpressions may be ORed together
        with the | pipe symbol.

Parenthesized subexpressions:
        A regular expression may be enclosed
        within parentheses and will be treated as a unit.

Escape characters:
        Sequences such as:
                \t  - tab
        will be substituted for an equivalent
        single character.  \\ represents the backslash.

If there are problems with the source editor you may need to manually copy "cmax20.ocx" from program's folder into Windows\System or Windows\System32 replacing any existing version of that file (restart may be required before system allows to replace existing file).

Portions Copyright 1997-2002 Barry Allyn. All rights reserved.