Q3: Dr. Badr is concerned about his sonís performance in COE 200 and wants to encourage him to improve his grades. He told him every time you get Aís in four consecutive assignments, I will buy you a gift. The son started working hard and Dr. Badr started designing a circuit, which helps him remember how close his son is to getting the gift. He realized that he is about to design a logic circuit because it involves some logical relation between a certain condition (the A-grade) or input and a certain result (signal to buy a gift) or output. He further realized that the circuit has to remember the steps of the status of his son getting closer to the gift, so he decided to use some memory elements or flip-flops. Finally he realized that those steps of status, or simply states, have to be in a certain order or sequence, and that made him conclude that he is designing a sequential circuit.

a)      Design a state diagram for Dr Badr which will help him in designing the circuit.