Author: Mr. Pierre TOURNASSOUD
Vice President Network & Technology Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent, France

Pierre Tournassoud is Vice President Network and Technology Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent CTO. In this position, he is in charge of creating and promoting a vision of service and network evolution, through interactions with key customers. This in particular involves a focus on the Alcatel-Lucent portfolio, to maximize innovation targeting new market segments and to optimize value across product groups. Pierre Tournassoud had a similar role in former Alcatel as leader of the Network Strategy Group within the Alcatel CTO.

Before that, Pierre Tournassoud was in charge of the Alcatel Mobile Core Business Unit, including mobile switching and NGN, as well as GPRS and UMTS data core portfolios. His first assignments in Alcatel were in R&D management, including a specific mission for transforming the Alcatel proprietary systems into cost-effective open platforms capitalizing on IT hardware and middleware building blocks.

Prior to joining Alcatel in 1992, he was a Research Scientist at INRIA, French National Institute for Computer Science and Automation, and at US MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab. He is a graduate from Ecole  Polytechnique and holds a PhD in Computer Science.