Paper title

"One step ahead towards FULL IP Network Transformation "

Authors: Mr Pierre TOURNASSOUD
: Vice President Network and Technology Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent, France

Abstract - New content delivery services -- such as QoS-enabled IPTV and peer-to-peer content distribution -- have a dramatic effect on next generation networks. New “flat-IP” network architectures are necessary to optimize distribution of the underlying content in its many forms, while preserving the high quality of real-time services, such as multimedia residential, gaming and corporate communications. Taking benefit of our experience on fixed broadband networks transformation, we will present similar architectural solutions developped for mobile networks, including early implementations of all-IP mobile solutions, such as WiMAX and the 3G Femto BSR (Base Station Router). We will provide customer proof-points and highlight the migration steps that are envisioned to cap the existing network, shift services to the new network and ensure quick business wins for operators.