Paper title

“How to make technology transfer projects successful: Observations and suggestions”

Authors: Tarik Ozkul and Osman Dur
: 1. American University of Sharjah, UAE    2. Turksat AS, Turkey

Abstract - Many countries are in hot pursuit of high technology that is developed by technologically advanced countries. One of the most common tools used for commercial technology transfer purposes is through teams of engineers sent by developing countries to developed ones. Most often, this is done within the context of commercial transaction of building equipment, structure or developing service for a customer. The customer puts together a team of engineers to observe and participate in the project during the development or construction phase. Typically, these projects involve huge costs to the customer since development of the technology has cost years of research and development to the donor country, which for obvious reasons cannot be given away easily. When putting together a team of engineers to be sent to the donor country, there needs to be careful considerations regarding strategies and how the team should be selected. Not selecting an appropriate team will result in an unsuccessful technology transfer process, which will be very costly and disappointing for the customer country or organization. In this presentation, we will be giving our observations and suggestions for selecting appropriate technology transfer strategies by presenting examples from aerospace sector.