Paper title

“Experience with Aging Tests for Testing of Non-Ceramic Insulators”

Authors: Ayman El-Hag
: Electrical Engineering Department, American University of Sharjah,
Sharjah, UAE

Abstract — Non-ceramic outdoor insulators are increasingly being used in both distribution and transmission lines. One of the major problems that is still facing polymer insulators is aging which leads either to tracking/erosion or to flashover under contaminated conditions at normal operating voltage. To study aging, different laboratory tests have been adapted. Salt-fog, tracking wheel and inclined plane tests are some examples of these tests. It is extremely important to have the required experience while conducting aging tests as easily misleading results can be obtained. This paper reviews and explores different aspects of both salt-fog and inclined plane tracking and erosion of insulating materials tests. The following points are reviewed: fog/electrolyte conductivity, fog/electrolyte distribution, applied voltage and leakage current measurements.