Paper title

“Establishing a Quality Test Center of Excellence”

Authors: Montaha Almubarak
: Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Abstract - SAP Computer Center (SCC) in Saudi Aramco has brought in major SAP and non SAP solutions in the recent years to provide better services to its customers. Today these applications and systems are growing in complexity with constant need to deliver higher‐quality service to the growing number of internal and external Aramco users. SCC was not having a centralized team to implement and enforce IT Quality Assurance strategy, process and procedures and to perform different types of testing on IT applications and systems that has a direct impact on quality of applications and services provided to SCC customers. To address the short comings in Test Management processes, Saudi Aramco SCC has successfully established a Quality Test Center (QTC) of Excellence using Mercury tools. The goal of this Quality Test Center is to provide testing strategy, methodology, tool based services, and a centralized team of experts who can provide advice and guidance to all Saudi Aramco project teams regarding manual and automated testing. The services offered by this center include Performance Testing, Functional Testing, and Test Management. The Performance Testing Service (PTS) uses Mercury Load Runner, which allows rigorous load testing of business processes to ensure constant high performance delivery even at peak loads. Functional testing is provided by using Mercury QuickTest Professional to ensure the correct functionality and consistency of User Interfaces across all environments, data sets, and business processes. Test management is a single web‐based application for all essential aspects such as requirements test execution, and defect management.