Paper title

“Adaline Based Estimation Of Synchronizing And Damping Torque Coefficients”

Authors: E. A. Feilat
: Electrical Power Engineering Department, Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan

Abstract - This paper presents a neural network technique for the estimation of the synchronizing and damping torque coefficients using Adaline. The proposed technique is based on estimating the torque coefficients of a synchronous machine from the time responses of the rotor angle, rotor speed, and electromagnetic torque. The performance of the Adaline is compared with Kalman filter and least-square error techniques. The Adaline offers several advantages including significant reduction in computing time, storage, and computational complexity. The simulation results over a wide range of operating conditions show that the Adaline can be used as efficient tool for either online assessment of small-signal stability.