ICS 233 Assignments - Fall 2009
Computer Architecture & Assembly Language


Muhamed F. Mudawar


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Practice Assignment 1: NOT Graded

Computer Abstractions and Technology, and Data Representation

Practice Assignment 2: NOT Graded

MIPS Instructions and Assembly Language

Practice Assignment 3: NOT Graded

Procedures in MIPS assembly language

Practice Assignment 4: NOT Graded

Floating Point Representation and Arithmetic

Practice Assignment 5: NOT Graded

Performance and Metrics

Practice Assignment 6: NOT Graded

Single-Cycle Processor Implementation

Practice Assignment 7: NOT Graded

Pipelined Processor Implementation

Practice Assignment 8: NOT Graded

Memory and Caches


Programming 1: Due Saturday, November 7, by Midnight

Greatest Common Divisor, Searching a String

Programming 2: Due Wednesday, November 18, by Midnight

Counting Letters in a Text File and Sorting them According to their Frequency

Programming 3: Due Monday, December 14, by Midnight

Matrix Multiplication


Project: Due Sunday, January 24, by Midnight

Project Description: Pipelined Processor Implementation

Project Evaluation Form - Revised

Test Cases (Hand Assembled - Check the Hexadecimal Codes)

Logisim version 2.3.2

Website for Logisim


Late Policy:

  • Late projects will be penalized. Maximum late penalty is 10% for 3 late days, after which the project is not accepted.

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